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Holly Marie Combs’ old titty scene

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Here’s Holly Marie Combs being a professional slut in her earlier days as a titty flasher. If you were any true fan of hers, you’d recognize this immediately as the short, but titty-packed scene from “A Reason to Believe”, shown in 1995. As the saying goes, it’s an oldie, but it’s got a titty, so I’d hit it. Too bad the scene was exposed accidentally for the fake that it was when a version of the movie came out with the camera angle showing Holly Marie Combs slipping on a condom, not on the lucky bastard’s dick, but on a piece of wood posing as an innocent substitute. Well, obviously they wouldn’t really have done the actual thing, but it’s nice to pretend otherwise. To whoever edited the scene: way to spoil our fantasies.

I could have been that guy getting his cock blown by Holly Marie Combs, with her tits standing in attention right in front of my face. She looks a little too young-ish here for my taste, but let me nudge you in the ribs and say she does grow up into a hot, charm-the-cum-off-ya MILF that she is now. And if you want to check out Holly Marie Combs’ complete nude scene, clipped and ready for your convenience, head on over to the link.